Virtual Airline Job Description

Executive Assistant | EA

Closing Date: NA

Vacancy/Position: Executive Assistant | EA Apply for Position
Role Type: Executive
Reporting to: Chief Executive Officer | CEO

Role Location:

Position Term: Permanent
Salary/Rate: N/A
Hours of work: Negotiable

General Description
A varied role that exists to assist the Executive Directors with the running of the airline. The amount of commitment and scope of the role is negotiable but ideally a person in this position would be able to competently assist with development and operational decisions, test and analyse as well write brief reports that include recommendations and challege back to the Executive Directors.

Company email address
ID card (tbc)
Admin privileges
Discord and forum moderator privileges
Low commitment, flexible work-life balance

Position Requirements
Good written and spoken English.
Knowledge of marketing and user-experience would be advantageous. Self motivated, creative mindset and confident to challenge others.
Demonstrable values in line with those of the airline.

Work Experience Requirements
Experience working in a people orientated role would be advantageous.

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